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Thickener Application

Optimum efficiencies and minimum costs

through a proactive control methodology by


The thickener circuit is usually the most chaotic and unstable process on a mineral processing plant. This means control is usually reactive when parameters such as torque or overflow clarity start to approach their upper limits, this results in large changes to set points being necessary. As a consequence of this, significant value is lost both in terms of operational stability and reduced throughput as well as lost revenue through process inefficiencies.


By Implementing the Thickener App, operations are optimized to prevent instability and losses by giving predictions for the future. This ensures the thickener circuit is always run at its optimal parameters and also changes the operators control methodology from reactive to proactive, ensuring optimum efficiencies and maximum revenue. This in turn minimizes the return on investment period, which is usually very short. Brains App Platform releases (just like mobile phone operating systems) are updated and deployed frequently (usually twice per year) with 2020 having seen the releases of Erythrite and Fluorite, with a new release Graphite being deployed in early 2021, this continuing development always keeps the Platform and Apps at peak efficiency and the process at its optimal settings.