BASF Mining Solutions
Digital Stockpile

Real time material property estimates

and optimized throughput and recovery


The Digital Stockpile App accurately predicts the physical properties of the material reclaimed from a mines stockpile. This data can then be used to make better quality decisions relating to processing of the material. This allows the implementation of more efficient stockpile management and more consistent processing of material within the process plant.

Mining is an industry where there is very little information known about the content of stockpiles that are used to feed the process plant. The Digital Stockpile App delivers real time 3D models of the stockpile as it is stacked, stored and reclaimed. Key features of the App include


The App keeps track of where each dump or production run is deposited when stacking is done. The application can handle all types of stacker and reclaimer methods including truck dumps.

The Platform releases are updated and deployed frequently (usually twice per year) - with 2020 having seen the releases of Erythrite and Fluorite. A new release, Graphite will be deployed in early 2021. This continuing development always keeps the Platform and Apps operating well and delivering maximal value to mining operations around the world.