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Pipeline Pumping Application

Optimum efficiencies and minimum power consumption

through a proactive control methodology by


Pipeline pumping is one of the most energy intensive operations on a plant, particularly when operating in an arid environment. This situation is encountered by most mines in Chile and South America where often desalinated water has to be pumped hundreds of kilometres from the coast to the mines located at high altitudes. Even a slight reduction in power costs can amount to a big saving and a reduction in pump switches results in reduced maintenance.

By implementing the Pipeline pumping App, a sensor data lake can be created by integrating real-time measurements and applied advanced algorithms to create virtual sensors. The future system performance is predicted, and real-time recommendations on optimized pumping schedules and tank levels are provided. The recommended schedules deliver significant energy efficiency and improved asset conditions while assuring a consistent volume of process slurry, tailings or water delivery.

The Platform releases are updated and deployed frequently (usually twice per year) - with 2020 having seen the releases of Erythrite and Fluorite. A new release, Graphite will be deployed in early 2021. This continuing development always keeps the Platform and Apps operating well and delivering maximal value to mining operations around the world.