BASF Mining Solutions
Heap Leach Application

Improved Heap stability and Optimized reagents

through optimized irrigation strategies to maximise ore extraction


Our Heap Leach application allows for the improved management, and thereby the optimization, of critical variables within the highly unstable environment that is the Heap Leach process. This is achieved by mapping the volume and mass, as well as the properties in the stacked heaps.

With the BASF Intelligent Mine Heap Leach Application, a dynamic material balance is used to predict the acid content of the raffinate solution, therefore providing explicit guidance on acid addition, leading to less overdosing. Engineers can simulate various operational scenarios through the provision of a Digital Process Model, which accurately replicates the variables within the live process. The App will also gather all dynamic data sources available to model the heap, including the heap’s physical and geometallurgical properties. It will then recommend the raffinate flow rate distribution strategy that will maximize recovery.

The Heap Leach application runs on the AI decision-making Platform. Its releases are updated and deployed frequently (usually twice per year) - with 2020 having seen the releases of Erythrite and Fluorite. A new release, Graphite will be deployed in early 2021. This continuing development always keeps the Platform and Apps operating well and delivering maximal value to mining operations around the world.